Friday, February 08, 2008

Two from the Heart

I was lucky enough to catch Abdel Aziz el Mubarak at the Hackney Empire in the summer of 1989. A recording of the show later landed up as the World Circuit release Straight from the Heart. But it was the self-titled recording on Globestyle records a few years earlier that first got me. To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at the Empire but soon enough he appeared on stage dressed to kill in a black suit and bow tie. The formality seemed to suited the Empire and its slightly distressed interiors but it seemed slightly off-putting and a touch cold. But it wasn't long before he had most of us in the palm of his hand. Seriously swinging. Seriously Sudan. Not for the weakhearted.



Anonymous said...

Good to see this! I have not listened to either of those recordings in a very long time. I remember when I bought the live album, on a recommendation from John Storm Roberts' Original Music catalog, and how I played it over and over again. Years later, I saw the CD you've featured in a discount bin and snatched it up.

Anonymous said...

thanks Matt - one of the tracks was also featured on AS 21 ... but as David said ... (in this flooded world of music) good to be reminded of some good grooves - chris a

luKe said...

still one of my favourite albums! i saw the band around the same period at the Sfinks festival near Antwerp, Belgium and it was a blast!

i am glad the album is still in print - AHLA EYYOUN is my favourite track!

Unknown said...

Hi Matsuli

Sorry to put this in comments, but I can't find an email onsite to send it direct to you.

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Cheers and Miles passes on his best. Also, when is the next podcast?

Timjim (Fansite creator)

PS. There's a full length track online at /ekosound/celestine%20ukwu /track1.mp3

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