Sunday, June 10, 2007

Manding Classics from the Rail Band

Casual browsing this evening when what should pop into view on the Sterns website but this 2CD anthology of Rail Band material featuring Salif Keita and Mory Kante. No tracklist or further detail....

UPDATE 13 JUNE: Not one but three volumes of two CDs each for this retrospective of the Rail Band. And for your listening pleasure sit back and enjoy 25 minutes of this epic Manding classic:

Soundiata featuring Mory Kante [SENDSPACE LIMITED LINK]


Anonymous said...

Tim here, Google's not recognising my password for some reason:

Here's the track listing:

CD One
Soundiata L'Exil 27:46
Maliyo 6:37
Sunjata 14:47
Armee Mali 4:23

CD Two
Duga 7:57
Mali Celebanw 6:32
Armee Malienne 4:23
Fantante Dankele 6:59
Armee Mali 4:23
Soundjata 10:26
Mali Tebaga Mogoma 5:54

It is the first of three Super Rail double CDs covering the years from 1970 to 1983 that Stern's is planning to issue this year. I have been told that for the first month it will only be available from Stern's and after that will receive wder distribution.

With Authenticite already out and the forthcoming Keletigui et ses Tambourinis and Balla et ses Balladins doubles on the way, fans of Malian and Guinean music are in for a very fine summer.

Anonymous said...

That Soundiata track is massive!
I'm having this one ASAP, it's on Amazon through Caiman in USA.
Should be a nice summer of music, perfect education for my holiday in mali in November.
Once again the Matsuli radar picks up the best!
Chris Ward