Friday, May 25, 2007

Direct from Muvimi's treasure trove

At last I hear you say? This one has been missing in action for a long time. Like many of us with day jobs Tony was additionally diverted whilst moving cities and pulling his hair out after his hard drive recorder lost the initial transfers. My brief was simple: dive into that treasure trove of African vinyl and deliver a compilation of ZImbabawean tunes that most people haven't heard. So the compilation avoids much of the material already anthologised and focuses on lesser known artists and styles. I hope you enjoy it!

African Serenades 37 - Tracklist
1. Oliver Mtukudzi - Africa (Africa, 1980)
2. Devera Ngwena - Zhimozhi (Hits of Zimbabwe, 1980)
3. Job Mashanda and the Muddy Face - Zuva Rakabuda (Zuva Rakabuda, 1981)
4. Oliver Mtukudzi - Reurura (Shanje, 1981)
5. Zexie Manatsa and the Green Arrows - Tambayi Makachenjera (Chivariadze, 1981)
6. Lovemore Majaivana and Jobs Combination - Okwabanye (Isitmela, 1981)
7. Africa Melody - Africa Yakanaka (Africa Yakanaka, 1982)
8. Oliver Mtukudzi - Yeukai (Maungira, 1982)
9. Pied Pipers - Amayo (Independence Special, 1983)
10. Jobs Combination - Imali (Maungira Zimbabwe, 1985)
11. Kassongo Band - Panyadzonya (Maungira Zimbabwe, 1985)
12. Fallen Heroes - Uthando Lwemali (Maungira Zimbabwe, 1985)
13. Jobs Combination - Usathane Simehlule (Isimanga Sendoda Emnyama, 1986)
14. Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles - Maria (Soweto, 1986)
15. Jairos Jiri Band - Mai Murambatsvina (J.J.B. Style, 1986)
16. Oliver Mtukudzi - Jeri (Gona, 1986)
17. Ilanga - Somandhla (Visions Foretold, 1987)
Compiled by Tony aka Muvimi



Anonymous said...

hoo - every track on this mix makes me happy ... worth waiting for! how long till we can hear more? thanks thanks thanks
chris albertyn

Anonymous said...

I have to second that. A transcendant, shimmering, joyful compilation. Cheers!

zim said...

and I third it, finally got a chance to listen to it, and was happy indeed

Unknown said...

Thanks matsuli for this compilation of no longer available zim songs. i just have an observation - the very first track - Africa - is a cover version of Ishe komborere Africa and is not by Oliver Mtukudzi.

Anonymous said...

You're correct. It is a cover version of a song also known as God Bless Africa or Nkosi Sikelele Africa - South Africa's national anthem. The Swahili or Shona version that Oliver Mtukudzi does here is also versioned by Misty in Roots on their Wise and Foolish LP from 1982. I haven't heard other versions. For reference the song included on the compilation comes from the following LP: Africa by Oliver and the Black Spirits (Kudzanayi BL241, 1980)

droid said...

Its gone already! I go away for a week and miss two episodes of this brilliant series. What a pisser!