Monday, March 26, 2007

The sun restores the soul

Summer-time arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning whilst I was enjoying the tropical tunes at the Soundway Records' Colombia LP launch party. An update tonight with lots of odds and ends:
* If you plan to drop my DJ set at Mash It Up on 12 May then remember to book your by clicking on the picture on the right hand side.
* I've swopped out the podomatic player with the new listening widget from box...much cleaner and it means I can add more tracks quicker. The podcasts will continue by iTunes subscription or through visiting the mastuli podomatic page
* Listener and soon to be African Serenades contributor John Beadle has picked up a repeat track on Tim's Kenyan Singles set. So to correct this here are the correct Part One and Part Two of the track Mokili by Orchestra Mos Mos.
* The African Serenades series is set to end with Vol. 50. A new moniker is required - suggestions to me by mail: matsulimusic AT Winning entrant will received a DVD of the African Serenades series and a few other bits and pieces from the matsuli library.

On rotation at matsuli headquarters, and in no particular order:

Bokoor Beats - Vintage Afrobeat, Afrorock and Electric Highlight from Ghana
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Colombia - Soundway compilation
Timbaland Presents Shock Value
A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Shannon Wright - Let In the Light
Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall
African Serenades Kenyan Singles I&II
What's Happening In Pernambuco - New Sounds Of The Brazilian Northeast
Tinariwen - Water is Life
Bob Marley Live at Rufaro Stadium 1980
Kashmere Stage Band - Texas Thunder Soul

Upcoming and on the radar:

Si Para Usted - Funky Beats from Revolutionary Cuba (Waxing Deep)
King Sunny Ade - Gems from the Classic Years (Shanachie)
Matata - Independence
Fania DJ Series - Gilles Peterson (Fania)
Nigeria Special: Highlife, Afro Funk and Nigerian Sounds 1970-76 (Soundway)
Moussa Doumbia Keleya - Raw Malian Funk from the 70s
Djelimadu Tounkara and Super Rail Band - Allo Bamako: Malian Dance Music of the 70s

May the sun restore your soul. Peace


soungalo said...

matsuli -
you'll i think be happy to hear we're spreading the bokoor beats love as well -

also stay tuned (later today) for 4 remixes from kofi ayivor's Adzagli / Jungle Funk Remixes. That will be at:


ms bazu said...

PEACE thanks for this blog. i visit regularly. i left you a comment once before about the radio show my father has "tambour d'afrique". i now have a blog dedicated to the show you should check it out. i also would like to say thanks on behalf of my dad for the makassy radio cessions. keep doing what you do it's real important. PEACE

ms bazu said...
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ms bazu said...

forgot the website. PEACE

Anonymous said...

Interview with John Collins: