Friday, February 23, 2007

Recycling AfricanFunk

When I was in HMV recently I noticed that the first African Funk compilations by Russ Dewsbury had been recycled and re-issued under the Pulp Fusion brand. It seems that aside from mixing up the track order and dropping in a few new tunes its the same heavyweight selection. Fantastic photos of Fela's wives taken by Adrian Boot adorn the cover but the proofs in the listening. The tracklisting is as follows:
Disc: 1
1. African Rhythms - Oneness Of Juju
2. Ajo - King, Peter (3)
3. Malik - Lafayette Afro-Rock Band
4. Racubah - Lafayette Afro-Rock Band
5. Yegelle - Mulatu Of Ethiopia
6. BLA - Massak
7. Fire - Osibisa
8. African Boogie - Dibango, Manu
9. Uprising - Antibalas
10. Road Close - Allen, Tony
Disc: 2
1. Africa - Steele Beautah
2. African Carnival - Dibango, Manu
3. Na Waya - Ghetto Blaster (2)
4. Nairobi - Mombassa (1)
5. Karam Bani - Buari
6. I Feel Funky - Matata
7. Ole - Funkees
8. El Safari - Javi P3Z Orquesta
9. Time Will Tell - Ice (4)
10. Precious Mother - Leo, Bukky

If you're new to this genre then this is a great place to start. To get you in the mood heres the original 45 mix of the killer opening track African Rhythms from Oneness of Juju:


Anonymous said...

HI there...sorry to seem like a complete bufoon, but how do you download this [wonderful] music?
Thanks [and keep up the GREAT work]

Anonymous said...

C'est une plaisanterie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it a joke?????????
There is no link to dowload this file.
Pas de lien. Matsuli se fout de nous?

Anonymous said...

matsuli provides limited downloads of out-of-print material ONLY