Tuesday, September 26, 2006

African Twist and Rock and Roll

"Take it and make it your own". Thats the motto here on Volume 14 of African Serenades that I put together earlier this year.

African Twist – Early Rock ‘n Roll from the Motherland
01. Flying Rock - The Bogard Brothers, South Africa*
02. Shake It - Professional Beach Melodians, Ghana 1966**
03. Isicatula - Jury Mpelho Band, South Africa ca. 1955 (Siya Hamba!- 1950s South African Country And Small Town Sounds, Original Music)
04. Tanzania Twist - Abdallah/Cuban Marimba, Tanzania ca.1960 (Ngoma Iko Huku: Tanzanian Dance 1955-65, Dizim)
05. Mali Twist (edit) - Boubacar Troure, Mali 1960 (Je Chanterai Pour Toi, Marabi)
06. Shala Shala Twist - Dark City Sisters, South Africa*
07. That Will Be the Day - The Bogart Brothers, South Africa*
08. She Keeps on Knocking - The Bogard Brothers, South Africa*
09. Eje Ka Jo - Jimmy Solanke and The Junkers, Nigeria 1965**
10. Kansas City - The Vikings featuring Al Bentley, South Africa 1960 (Rock Party at the Club Pepsi with the Vikings, RCA Victor)
11. Jane - Clint Eph Sebastian and the Junkers, Nigeria 1965**
12. One Early Morning - Professor YS and His BB Band, Nigeria 1969**
13. Sparkling Se Dinge - The Tip Top Boys, South Africa*
14. Happy Happy Make it Snappy - Jimmy Masuluke, South Africa*
15. I'm in Love - The Bogard Brothers, South Africa*
16. Zulu Rock - King's Brothers, South Africa*
17. I'm Gonna Rock - Benoni Rocket, South Africa*
18. I Need Your Love - Eddie Okonta and His Top Aces, Nigeria 1968**
19. Last Night - Benoni Rocket, South Africa*
20. Eh Bien Mon Ami – Orchestre African Fiesta, DR Congo 1968 (African Party, SonoDisc)
21. I'm Gonna Shake Rattle and Roll - Benoni Rocket, South Africa*
22. I Promise - The Pretty Dolls, South Africa*
23. Don't Let Me Down - Charlotte Dada, Ghana 1971**
Compiled by Matt Temple, design by Xu. All tracks commercially unavailable except 4 and 5.
*From Flying Rock - South African Rock 'n Roll 1950-1962 (Global Village)
**From Money No Be Sand -1960s Afro-Lypso, Pidgin Highlife, Afro-Soul and Afro-Rock from Nigeria and Ghana (Original Music)



Anonymous said...

Hi there
Great selection, thanks! Where did you get these from - old 45s? Or would that be telling.....?

goldfinger said...

thank you matt!

i've linked to your blog here:

greets gf

Anonymous said...

Damn, that's boss. I have Money Be No Sand but not the other tracks. Thanks so much for putting this together. – Brakhage

Anonymous said...

hi matt,I keep getting an error message from rapidshare saying i need to enable javascript .
it is enabled! this has not been a problem before any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Shit's great. A+.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the new link it has all been worth it to hear this music

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great uplifting music. I’ll see if I can find more of your compilations. I like the fact that the tracks are unmixed, better for mixing with other stuff. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Completely brilliant, uplifting sounds.
THank you thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

another "yeah that's great". and the songs go together so well, just a wonderful sampler. thank you!


Max said...

What a great selection & the Flying Rock collection that some of these appeared on is sadly out-of-print, but the link is down. Any chance for a repost?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the great music. I hope that you consider reposting this collection soon!

Unknown said...

Been having trouble loading this one. Kept giving me the Sorry, file not available message. I wonder if it's too late and it's been pulled off already?

Unknown said...

Dear Matt,
could I ask Your for the working link of Your great selection (I mean "African twist and Rock and Roll")? I'm really crazy for twist and even cann't sleep without that music. My e-mail: aderiabin@mail.ru
Thanks a lot!

dahomsta said...

Hi There!!!!
Was looking for some early South African Jive and Twist tunes as i have been asked by one of the hotels to play that genre and i just happened to stumble my way to your site and please oh please would you get me the working link, i beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to post another link, please? This one expired. Dying to hear this! Thanks!!

erwin from belgium said...

i'm wondering if the vikings is the first band of manfred mann or not

K said...

Will you re-add the link? This collection looks amazing and I can't find this stuff anywhere else. Thank you for creating this!!

matt said...

The link is long gone in the ether...sorry