Thursday, July 20, 2006

Une Nuit Au Jandeer

Almost holiday time at Matsuli Music but before then a few gems to increase the peace. French label, Oriki Music, have put together a great compilation featuring material extracted from Orchestra Baobab's BUUR & Musicafrique LP's. There are 13 tracks (8 on vinyl limited edition) covering 1973-74 to 1978. This is great news if you haven't heard this material or don't own it. Check out the samples and buy HERE

1. Jin Ma Jin Ma
2. Diarabi
3. Souleymane
4. Cabral
5. Saf Mana Dem
6. Kelen Ati Leen
7. Liti Liti
8. Seeri Koko
9. Wango
10. Fuutu Toro
11. On Verra (Ce Soir)
12. Sey
13. Yolanda

For your listening pleasure here is the original LP of Une Nuit Au Jandeer - in glorious crackly vinyl - Une Nuit Au Jandeer

Also in the mix today is a track from Zimbabwean-born guiatarist Louis Mhlanga's solo album World Traveller. In amongst the South African "cool jazz" tracks are some great collaborations including today's track that features Orchestra Baobab.


The Arabian legend of the baobab is that "the devil plucked up the baobab, thrust its branches into the earth and left its roots in the air".


Anonymous said...

thanks again matt

jeanluc said...

Oh thanks, I like Ochsetre Baobab.
I just have 5 cds from them.

When the music changed begin 70's from afrocuban to mbalax, the band came into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt.

Just fantastic.

arttu said...

I grew up in eastern Africa and the legend there states that baobabs used to walk around a lot. Eventually some great spirit got sick of their peregrinations and turned them upside down so they'd have to stay put.

pmgl said...

thx:) had this one, and was askig myself who wad playing in this mighty club... so it's baobab, all clears up.