Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ebale Ye Zaire

Another wonderful video from the seventies featuring Franco and TPOK Jazz on a Simaro composition Ebale Ye Zaire. Now what is that haircut called?


Anonymous said...

Thats Djo Mpoyi on the mike.
I guess its 70's Afro

Anonymous said...

Faute de mieux, I'ld call it a Mobutu Mop. Cracking clip by the way.

jeanluc said...

Isn't it, that Mobutu has forced the developing of soukous and paid some bands?

Does he spreat his language lingala as the main language in Congo/Zaïre...?

Also to notice was in times of poltical instability (after Mobutu) there were produced less soukous cds (BRX et Paris)...

Anonymous said...

Cracking clip...oh yessss!

On a cultural note, I'm curious as to why no men are dancing with the ladies, and what was being given to one dancing couple (money?) ?