Sunday, July 16, 2006

East African Hit Parade

Today was almost going to be a hit parade of the UK kind with me posting a track by local girl Lily Allen. Then a scan came through that I'd been waiting for and instead you get a mind-blowing dose of East African rumba (again!). Don't worry its all good for your health. Containing the big hit Sina Makossa and many others. Enjoy the ride and thanks to Justus Musyoka for picking the hits in the first place. And in case you think I'm too retro I'm lining up some songs by Lily for you too including my current favourite LDN. Reminds me of the Special AKA and Rhoda Dakar, just a whole lot more sunny.

Sikujua Utababidka Pt 1 & 2 - Simba Wanyika
Sina Makossa Pt 1 & 2 - Les Wanyika
Sauda Unatia Aibu Pt 1 & 2 - Mlimani Park Orchestre
Charonyi Ni Wasi Pt 1 & 2 - Maroon Commandos

Listen/download - Hit Parade Number 1 Podcast


jeanluc said...

Yes, I like at most tune three from Mlimani. I love at this tanzanian music, their rumba groove, melodies and when the trumpets and saxofons are starting their lines...

Anonymous said...

All classics from Kenya. What a rare treasure to have on vinyl! Thanks so much for posting this one!--Rob Blunt USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I also keep a radioblog and samples of various african music at