Saturday, June 10, 2006

African Serenades

A big treat for all you Matsuli readers. Two killer compilations of mostly vinyl only African tracks. The African Serenades series was inspired by fellow posters at the Blood and Fire forum and now mostly at DJ Greedy G's If you scratch around you'll discover Jamaican Serenades, Soul Serenades, International Serenades and many other wonderfully compiled mostly vinyl only compilations from the deep collections of serious collectors and music enthusiasts. The two compilations today were compiled by myself from a collector in Austria. Other volumes in the series have come from Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. So hit me with music - when it hits you feel no pain....

Vol 26
Wethe- Ouza (Wethe)
Djaraama - Guelewar Band Of Banjul (Tasito)
"Foudou" !?! - Sandaly Kante et Nmawa Kante et Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux
Alah Li Alah Di- Sandaly Kante et Nmawa Kante et Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux
Biantondi Kasanda -Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta (L'Afrique Danse No 8)
Belle Belle- Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou (Zero + Zero = Zero)
Allons a La Campagne- Sam Mangwana (Vamos Para O Campo)
Maloba D'Amour - Orchestra Super Mazembe (Greatest Hits)
Kokaba Ya Sens Unique - Orchestre Bantous de la Capital(Special 20e Anniversaire)
Steady and Slow - Sonny Okosun (Fire In Soweto)
Adin Gbanzon -Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou (Zero + Zero = Zero)
African Serenades 26 - Zip Folder

Vol 27
Egungun Riots 1976 - Femi Akinyemi's Juju Lucky Stars (Egungun Riots 1976)
Migoussia - Amadou Balaké (Taximen)
Ndiambane - Orchestra Baobab (Si Bou Odja)
Senegal 80 - Ouza (Wethe)
Oghe - Talents of Benin led by Idemudia Cole (Talents of Benin Vol 5)
Yo-Pop Music - Segun Adewale and His Superstars International (Play For Me)
Picnic Ya Volcano - Mbaraka Mwinshehe (Ukumbusho Volume 7)
Kouriya - Cheikh M. Smith ( Toubabou Balafola - The Man Who Plays The White Man's Balafon)
African Serenades 27 - Zip Folder


b2v said...

waooooooo ! greetings !! respect !! Those two selections are simply incredible.
Thanks for those magical moments / b

Anonymous said...

Hello Matsuli
I was drawn to your website by a erecent posting on the Blood and Fire forum noting the availability of African Serenades Vols 26 & 27.
I've recently made a conscious effort to exzplore African music beyond the initial Fela Kuti gear I began enjoying a couple of years ago.
So far I've discovered King Sunny Ade, Tony Allen, AF Toure & Toumani Diabate (as independent artits and working together), and had recently had an eye opener with acquiring "Lagos Chop Up" on Honest Jons records.
However, your AS Vols proved to be an eye & ear opener to me, so I would like to express my greatest thanks and appreciation for your efforts. Your website has certainly fulfilled its assumed aim of promoting African music to others, a few friends of mine are now echoing similar sentiments to mine of "How did we ever live without this music before hearing it?".
All this praise does though lead to the inevitable plea - is it possible for you to upload the previous 25 volumes of African Serenades, if only for a few days or so in order that I and a friend can download them and then bask in the glorious sounds?
I'd like to offer any music of my own collection to you as a way of thanks. I haven't got much African stuff yet, but I do have a lot of 70s roots reggae, and (if I may say so myself) a blinding collection of late 80s & early 90s Hip Hop. I'd be very happy to record anything for you personally.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Chris Ward
Nottingham - England

jeanluc said...

Hi... sorry, do you know anything about that track:
"Belle Belle- Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou" ?

I haven't knew that band and I found out they play a kind of afro funk or whatever.

But this tune is a cadence rhythm from martinique or also in the rockin' cadence style of dominica as you want. Very interesting to listen to this song. Thank you.

matt said...

Hi Jeanluc-
Its from an LP called Zero-Zero = Zero. I'll check for more detail and post it for you

jeanluc said...

Matt I found it here (direct link doesn't work, search for "special 80 vol. 1"->)
I ask, because I love that caribic kreyol rhythm.