Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Buried Treasure

The mighty mighty Darondo who’s recorded output back in the seventies totalled six tracks spread over the sides of three 45s. With information overload and commoditisation of music through easy access and the internet a story like this sounds even more magical. Its a story of crate digging, searching out lost treasures and then bringing them back into play.
Ever hip DJ Gilles Peterson featured one track on his Brownswood America comp but the good people at Ubiquity have discovered 3 more tracks and have put together the nine track record entitled Let My People Go.
The music sits comfortable next to Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. Darondo enjoys an easy appraoch to the guitar and whilst his voice falters at times it doesn't seem to matter at all. And he's on the money when it comes to social commentary...check this take on Whitey on the Moon (from the title track):

Man builds a rocket ship, /

Take you to the moon, /

A billion dollar mission, just to bring back a piece of rock, /

We got starvation, panic over the land, /

And here’s a fool in a rocketship, /

Trying to be Superman."

So here we go with a track off the record. Enjoy
Darondo - Let My People Go (Listen)

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